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June 19, 2010

Stopping for a while

It has been over a month since I posted anything on my blog.  It certainly hasn’t been because of laziness, but rather busyness.   As the summer drew near, many things began to show up on the horizon.  It seemed that my children had end-of-the-year events almost every other day.  I was preparing for a youth camp which entailed writing nine sermons.  The day after youth camp was over, I officiated a wedding out of town.  The day after the wedding, my family left on vacation in Florida.  Of course, you would have to have your head in the sand (no pun intended) to not know that time in Destin, at the beach, was questionable since the oil disaster in the gulf.  When you couple all of that with preparing weekly sermons, a small building project at the church, looking for a music/youth minister, and all the preparing that will come with moving our church to a new location, it tends to make one weighted down and tired. 

We pride ourselves in being multi-tasking.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I know that we all have seasons where life is hectic, but we are fools if we think live our lives running in 1000 directions and continue to have healthy relationships with friends, family, and the Lord.  We multitask and the Lord is constantly saying . . . focus.  It was time to be refreshed, and God provided. 

I am sure that many would think that I am irresponsible because when I left Houston one week ago, I left.  I did not keep in touch through e-mail, facebook, cell phone, or texting.  I did not keep up with the local or world news.  I did not care what is happening politically.  For the most part, I could not even tell someone what time it was.  I simply hung out with my family and I spent time with the Lord.  I found it refreshing to simply watch the waves come in at the beach and think about how incredible the Lord is and how he has blessed me.  I watched my kids play in the surf and I contemplated what the Lord has trusted me with.  I look over and see my beautiful wife just resting and it is good to see her still for a moment.  I wonder . . . is that what the Lord thinks when we are still?  Surely that is the reason God made the seventh day for rest and refreshing, but we think we know better.  I am grateful for a church that simply allows me to steal away for a while. 

Ultimately, we cannot just leave the hustle and bustle of life very often.  We cannot simply ignore the trials and tribulations that this life brings, but times of refreshing do not just happen when we remove these things from our life.  Scripture is clear about the fact that times of refreshing occur from the presence of the Lord.  Today, if you are tired and weary know this.  When we are repentant and when we turn from our sins – times of refreshing come.  Ultimately, we will be in heaven one day.  It will be an eternity with God and heaven will be an eternity of rest and refreshing.

In only a few days, I return to work, ministering, and the hustle and bustle of life.  The question is, “Will I leave times of refreshing behind, or will I have it in the midst of the storms?”  May we dwell in the Lord’s presence and enjoy being refreshed.

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  • Kevin Nance says:

    It sounds like your time at the beach was a great blessing for you and your family. I’m glad to hear your time of reflections brought thoughts of how you have been blessed and not how much there is to get done when you get back. I believe our busy-ness is something that keeps us from knowing and loving God more. Since I’m a great offender in this area I’ll leave that sermon for someone else.

    May God continue to fill your life with blessings as you lead your flock to know Him more so we can love Him more.

  • Stephen Mallison says:

    Reading some of your blogs, I get the impression of a likable young family man, someone who would be good to have as a friend. I am sure we would get along fine so long as we agreed to differ on the matter of religion. I would avoid the subject of religion, I am not on a mission to convert anyone to my way of thinking.
    When I was fourteen, I came to the conclusion that God, any God, was an illusion. All the frequently asked questions about “why does God allow this” or “why doesn’t God do that ” could be answered by the simple statement : Because God is imaginary..
    I appreciate that many people find comfort in their religion, and that is fine by me. However religious doctrine which causes hurt and distress can never be a good thing.
    As the years roll by, and I am now 65, I cannot in all honesty be anything other than an atheist.

    Best Wishes

    Stephen Mallison.

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