Letters from Paul

August 3, 2011

Is God Cruel?

One problem with writing a blog is determining the topic of the next blog.  I’m always looking at the news and observing life around me.  Of course, sometimes I’m not even looking and then it is dropped in my lap.  Many who visit this blog know (simply look at the comments) that a large number of readers are not believers.  Not only do they not believe in Christ, they don’t even believe in God’s existence.  Many of their comments are not posted for several reasons.

I do not post comments that contain foul language.
I do not post comments that promote atheistic videos and websites.
I do not post comments that are simply platitudes.

I don’t apologize for this.  When there is too much noise in the room, it is hard to have a conversation.  This blog is not an open forum for anyone to post anything they want.

For those of you who are unaware, one theme that many atheists both cling to and throw at believers is their belief that God is immoral.  If one were to look at YouTube, you would see a variety of accusations concerning the cruelty of God and his actions, especially in the Old Testament.  Recently, an atheist put on YouTube a stoning (one put to death by being struck rocks) in the Mideast and wanted to know, “How could Christians worship a God who told his people to do such a thing?”  Well, how could we?  If God would tell us to do such a thing, wouldn’t that make him a cruel God?  In a recent book I picked up, Is God a Moral Monster, the author Paul Copan looks at many of these assertions by atheists.  I have not finished the book, but it is certainly an interesting read. continue reading more…