Letters from Paul

October 12, 2011

Is there enough TIME

It has been a while since I posted.  All I can say is that I have been extremely busy.  Fall is just one of those times a year where school kicks in, my kids get back involved in their sports, and people who have moved into new neighborhoods visit the church.  It has been great to meet new people and see new faces in our congregation.

Many times, I simply blog about social or theological issues that seem to make the news.  These days, the only issues that seem to make the news are political ones, but recently the subject of religion came up in the political discourse.  The issue of Mormonism was bound to come up at some point.  I am not sure why so many are  shocked and outraged that a pastor would proclaim that not only is Mormonism not Christian, but that it is a cult.  I am not going to address the term “cult,” but I will ask “Why is anyone who is a Christian surprised that Mormonism does not line up with Biblical Christianity?”  Rather than blog about this issue again, I am simply leaving a link where I clearly point out why Mormonism IS NOT Christian.  It is illogical to make such a claim from a historical standpoint, from a Biblical standpoint, and from a reality standpoint. 


Recently, I even had a Mormon invite our church to participate with them in dedicating a facility in which Mormonism would be promoted.  The Mormon elder was shocked that I would not participate.  After explaining my position, I simply asked him (remember, this is an elder in the Mormon Church) “Did you not know the differences in our faiths or did you simply think that I did not know the differences?”  Unfortunately, there are many in the church that would have to affirm that they “do not know the differences.”

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