Letters from Paul

January 1, 2012

If The Shoe Fits . . . Wear It

The saying, “If the shoe fits, wear it,” was a comment that people would make if a description or an attribute was assigned to an individual (or group), and although the individual might be offended by the comment, if it was accurate he or she ought to own up to it.  In many ways, it was a way to get the offended party to take a second look at themselves or their character in order that they might change it.  That no longer seems to be the case in this day and age.  Nowadays, evidently if the shoe fits . . . fight for it, steal it, or even kill for it, but don’t worry – your character is not in question.

I am not sure why I am shocked by anything that happens anymore.  It seems by now I would understand the fact that people will do anything.  This was once again proven by the response of people upon the release of the Nike, Air Jordan Retro XI.  I have to admit that it DID NOT surprise me that people would kill for shoes.  People have killed for less, but what did surprise me was the response from community activists and “ministers” (There is a reason the second group was put in quotes).  The response was . . . simply put . . . pure stupidity.  If you are not aware, these so-called leaders in the Houston area called for Nike to lower the price of the shoes so that more people could afford them and that way, perhaps, the violence would be curbed.

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