Letters from Paul

February 15, 2012

The Subtlety of Sin

February is one of those months when we begin to dig our way out of the business of Christmas.  By this time, if the decorations aren’t stored away, you might begin to question if your schedule is too tight.  I heard someone say the other day that they STILL have a Christmas gift to wrap and deliver . . . YIKES.  But I digress.  Right when the decorations are put away and hopefully all the bills from Christmas have been paid . . . here it comes . . . Valentine’s Day.  I am not a big fan of the holiday, but I can live with it.  I have a great wife who doesn’t put any pressure on me and usually we shoot for a simple lunch or dinner together.  We might exchange cards.  I do use the day to emphasize that I love her and that I am grateful that God put her in my life.

Just like every other day of my life, I got on the computer and I went to the usual sites. Eventually I find myself searching for something on the internet and end up where many of you do – Google.  As soon as I get there, I find the usual Google logo is missing and in its place is a little animation to fit the occasion, just as they do on many holidays. Google has put some very creative animations and interactive doodles that I know my young children will enjoy, so when they come into my office, I gladly pull up the Google site and let them take a look.  So, I began to watch the Valentines animation.

I have to say . . . I loved the message.  It presents a little girl jumping rope and a little boy, wanting to show his affection, Googling and then taking her a flower.  She is not impressed and he goes away sad.  He once again Googles and little images of chocolate appear.  He then takes her a box of chocolates but her response is the same.  The little boy does this time after time and while the little girl jumps rope, many material enticements are thrown onto the screen.  FINALLY, the boy simply shows up with a jump rope and the idea to join her.  She is so excited that she stops and hugs him.  The two begin to jump rope.  What a great message.  It is not about all the things one can give, but rather it is about giving yourself.   I thought, “This is something I would love my kids to see.”

BUT THEN . . . Google had to mess it up.  continue reading more…